Every one needs a helping hand sometimes

We offer a selection of services to aide any one large or small with their needs. All services are subject to availability, contact a sales representative for more details and ensure availability.

  • Facility Management
    • We can manage your Shipyards and Factories for you.
  • DC Rental
    • Want to do it your self, but need a DC, we offer rentals.
  • Factory Rental
    • Your resources, our factory.
  • Shipyard Rental
    • Want to make your own ship? We have yards!
  • Repair Services
    • Last bout of pirate hunting go badly? We can fix you up!


We charge a set simple rate for both facility rental and management as well as DC rental. The third party will pay the cost of the production run its self, plus a set percent of the total raw price of the item or ship as a service fee.

Factory Rentals / Management
Production plus 10% of total Raw value

Shipyard Rentals / Management
Shipyard I: Production plus 10% of total Raw value
Shipyard II: Production plus 20% of total Raw value
Shipyard III: Production plus 30% of total Raw value
Shipyard IV: Production plus 40% of total Raw value

Data Cards Available

  • N-1 Starfigter – 100,000 per unit
  • Toscan Starfighter – 100,000 per unit
  • Arquitens Class Light Cruiser – 850,000 per unit
  • Hammerhead-class Cruiser – 1,000,000 per unit
  • Escape Pods – 10,000 per unit