Every order matters.

We offer a range of products to help you achieve the goals you’re after. We offer competitive pricing and discrete service. We can also offer package, and bulk discounts on all orders. Please contact a sales representative for a quote.

Notice: Please note at this time all ships are built to order, this means once you order it will take time to build. Any ships in stock and all ready built will be listed on CPM. Thank you for your understanding.

Bulk Pricing
To qualify for bulk discounts you must meet one of the flowing:

  • Capital ships, buy 3 or more in one order.
  • Strike Craft, buy 12 or more in one order.
  • Gunboats, buy 6 or more in one order.
  • Buy one or more packages.

Customer Policy

  • All bulk orders require a 50% of the order total as a down payment up front.
  • A customer has 24 hours from their original order being accepted to retract it with no penalty.
  • After 24 hours, the 50% down payment will NOT be refunded.
  • The final 50% will be required once the ships are built but before make over.
  • We do accept GCB transfers as payment.
  • We do NOT accept trades as payment.

Military Line

Capital Ships

Price: 24,000,000
Lictor-class Dungeon Ship
Price: 44,000,000


Price: 20,000,000
Price: 32,000,000
Price: 25,000,000
Price: 20,000,000
Neutron Star-class Bulk Cruiser
Price: 33,000,000
Quasar Fire-class Bulk Cruiser
Price: 30,000,000


CR-90 Corvette
Price: 20,000,000
Price: 20,000,000
Price: 10,000,000
Marauder-class Corvette
Price: 15,000,000
YV-666 Light Freighter
Price: 18,000,000


Price: 1,200,000
N-1 Starfighter
Price: 700,000


Firespray-class Interceptor
Price: 2,600,000
Skipray Blast Boat
Price: 2,500,000
Pursuer-class Enforcement Ship
Price: 3,000,000

Civilian Line

Heavy Freighters

AA-9 Coruscant Freighter
Price: 18,000,000
Action VI
Price: 18,000,000
BFF-1 Bulk Freighter
Price: 20,000,000
GR-75 Medium Transport
Price: 25,000,000
Mammoth-class Heavy Hauler
Price: 200,000,000
Temporarily Unavailable

Light Freighters

Starwind-class Pleasure Yacht
Price: 5,000,000
Price: 5,000,000
Price: 9,000,000
Price: 6,000,000
Price: 2,000,000


Sprint Rescue Craft
Price: 8,000,000
Nebulon-B Medical
Price: 25,000,000


Escape Pods
Price: 100,000
C-3 Passenger Liner
Price: 46,000,00


The packages listed below are just some common requests and can give you an idea what they look like. We are happy to make custom packages for most of the ships we have on offer. If you would like to make a custom package or see about substituting something in an all ready listed package please alert a sales representative.

  • Planetary Fleet47,500,000
    • 1 Dreadnaught Heavy Cruiser
    • 24Toscan Fighters
  • Enhanced Planetary Fleet113,000,000
    • 2 Dreadnaught Heavy Cruisers
    • 1 Arquitens Light Cruisers
    • 48 Toscan Fighters
  • System Defense Fleet 339,100,000
    • 6 Dreadnaught Heavy Cruisers
    • 3 Arquitens Light Cruisers
    • 144 Toscan Fighters
  • Man The Lifeboats1,050,000
    • 12 Escape Pods
  • Bigger on the Inside – 72,000,000
    • 4 BFF-1 Bulk Freighter

Let’s build something together.